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So it has taken a while but I finally understand. Vets are as different as Dr’s or car salesmen. Our Husky Sebastian had heart worms many years ago. We took Sebastian to our vet at the time, the South Branch Bird and Animal clinic on Ben White Blvd. They insisted Sebastian stay with them kenneled for two weeks. Immobile. He was around 6 at the time, very active. When we voiced concern out vet said he had to be completely immobile. We were concerned about the cruelty of this. He was a ranch dog and accustom to running free on our 2 acres We asked if we could do the treatment at home. Just keep him in the house and watch him. We also asked about the infestation. We were told he only had larva but it would turn into adult worms and it would kill him without the treatment. Our children at this time were young. Our finances were horrible. They insisted the dog would die and it only cost 800.00 for the treatment if we did indeed “love” this dog we would find the money. We did, weeks of eating beans and peanut butter. Only using money for gas to get to work and back.

Later that year we took our cat to Animal Trustees of Austin where they told us they could have done the treatment for 150 but why did our vet insist on doing the treatment with kenneling? We stopped using this vet? Greed.

A few weeks ago we took our lab/Newfoundland in for shots at our current vets office Town and Country animal hospital. They found heart-worms in Trey. They gave us a 30 dollar prescription, We have a follow up visit in 6 weeks. Kindness. They also came to the car when we had to put Sebastian down. They administered the shots while we sat in the back of the truck around him. Escorting him as far as we could to his next destination.

Vets matter. If the vet you are using tries to make you feel guilty for not “loving” you pet enough to take food from your table to give him the latest greatest treatments for whatever ails him. Run do not walk away from this person. Like any other profession on earth some do it for love others do it for money.