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At my family reunion this year, I fell in love with someone. Well to be honest he fell in love first. Don’t worry my marriage is safe. From the moment I stepped out of my car and looked into his eyes, I was overwhelmed with love. That is in love with a 13 pound package that kinda looked like a Dachshund. It was apparent to me this strange broken little dog for some reason could not stand to be away from me. My mom even commented that when I entered the house he would wait patiently by the door sniffing each set of feet that exited waiting for me. I assumed because he was so loving he had an owner. I was wrong, the folks that owned the reunion site were looking for someone to take him home because his original owner had to go overseas for work and he was on his way to the pound. Kali (my daughter) offered to take him which seemed logical since we already have a 14 year old Husky and a Newfoundland with a bad hip, oh and a cat with a serious attitude problem. But as fate would have it Kali’s plans did not work out so we ended up with our “ugly dog”.

Once we got home we had to show him off.   Some friends fell in love with him and others were freaked out, one even mentioned he looked more like a puppet than a dog. This is appropriate considering I do puppets.

I immediately took him to the vet. I had been told the malformation of his mouth was a birth defect. My vet knew otherwise. He was riddled with infection stemming from two holes in the roof of his mouth caused by lack of dental care. The Doc put him on antibiotic (which he still takes) and performed the surgery to close the holes. This adventure cost over $600.00. He also x-rayed the jaw while the little guy was under and it seems that Rowdy’s jaw was broken in the past and then fixed with wire…..that is still there. My vet was vexed. He is a great doctor but had never seen anything like this before.  Finally my vet got the x-ray and sent it to a colleague. The result was that Rowdy must have a surgery that will start at $1200.00..Joe and I have 4 grown children that have left the nest and we make ok money but this is out of our range. If you can please help us by donating whatever you can to help Rowdy get this very much needed surgery. Please click the link below for paypal  or send a check to: Devona or Joe Carpenter 11125 Maha Loop Austin Tx 78719


He cannot retract his tongue for very long because of his jaw problem.


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  1. Gretchen McCord DeFlorio

    Aside from his injuries, and the fact that he looks like a mini-dach (??), Rowdy looks exactly like Frieda, the standard-sized long-haired dachshund I grew up with! Bless you for your care of him! Donation on its way. What a sweetie!!!

  2. As the saying goes, the check’s in the mail…sending you love from NYC!


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