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I am so proud of Rowdy he has learned how to share. We are keeping Frankie Smalls our friends french bulldog for a few days. When Frankie first got here Rowdy was very excited and gave Frankie lots of love. I figured that was that and now they will ignore each other but I was wrong. Rowdy tipped over his box of “babies” then Frankie found one he liked and the chewing started, also the squeaking. It seems the boys both like the noisy toys. I got one of Frankies babies out of his bag because Rowdy is very possessive of his toys but Frankie did not care about his toy and continued to chew on Rowdy’s. Rowdy then jumped up and took Frankie’s toy out of my hand and made it his. They have not had a cross moment. They even sleep close to each other. I think Rowdy has a BFF. I wonder if he will be sad tomorrow when Frankie goes home. Trey just sits on the couch and humpfs at them both. I don’t think he will miss Frankie at all, not that he is mean to him just an older brother waiting for the slumber party to be over. He get irritated with them both.


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