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Monthly Archives: November 2013

FOUND two freaked out dogs

They came home around 8:30 this morning. Joe was leaving for work when they saw him and charged up the driveway. They were both visibly shaken. Now more than ever I wish I spoke Dog. I do not know what transpired in the last 18 or so hours but I imagine they would have a story to tell. 1st order of business is to fix the fence, 2nd they do not leave my sight. They will both stay in the house while we are at work until we can secure the premises. This was just too hard to face and I don’t ever want to experience it again.


come home

Rowdy is missing. Joe has told me numerous times in the past to not leave him in the back yard, he is a ninja. Every time I leave him in the back yard I am greeted in the front yard when I get home. Yesterday I was meeting friends for lunch and the day was beautiful. So when he fought me and did not want to come back into the house I let him stay out. Trey always jumps the fence and stays on the property, I assumed if Rowdy did his trick he would stay with Trey. Joe was always concerned that because he was so little and unaware of his size letting him run the property would be dangerous. I though because when we got him he ran a 10 acre property he would be fine. I was wrong. Trey and Rowdy were both gone when Joe got home yesterday early afternoon. It is 6am and they are still not home. I want my puppies back. I feel like I have betrayed them both. I had time to put him back in the house, I just didn’t. Trey has never been gone this long before. The scenarios in my head are making me cry. I drove the area when I got home yesterday. Our first thought was if one got hit by a car the other would not leave him. That is not what has happened, at least not in a 5 mile radius of our home. We have a multitude of wildlife out here so I have to assume they tangled with something and are hurt and need us. Our animals are like our children,that never grow up and like our children they make bad choices. It is up to us to take care of them. I failed our four legged children. I want so badly to believe someone will find them and take them to a shelter. They both have chips so we would be called. The other scenario that is keeping me sane when I can convince myself of it is like me when I first saw them in the pound and at the reunion someone fell in love. They are warm and safe and being taken care of. I just want my puppies to come home.