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Back to the puppies

I have had a lot of overlap here. Which judging from the comments is ok. Lots of you have asked for all the information to be in one place. I will do this with by blue hair daughter who is smart and funny and better on the computer. For this moment we will be patient.

Rowdy feels me and is incredibly smart. He has my anxiety. It is beautiful and sad. Similar to the option to mark my post as “awesome”. If I do mark it am I being pretentious or confident….that is for another day.

Here is a link that has more information on what I am writing today:

I said to my blue hair warrior yesterday being smart is hard. I think that goes for all species. As I slipped into the darker recesses of my mind he became more and more agitated. He started by taking out all his toys. Rowdy then moved to becoming very selfish. I thought at the time it was funny, but he was so serious I have to examine it a little. He was losing me so the clinging to those toys makes sense. Children in foster care often become manic over the loss of a beloved toy. It is the perception of losing everything else so the only power they have is the toy. He then moved to chewing on himself. The vet could find no reason for this action. I find similarity in teens who cut or refuse to eat. My feeling in this moment is he was losing me/control over his world. Chewing reminded him life was ok, he was alive and could feel. I think the act of chewing allowed him to slowly let me go. In his little brain he made connections we big people have done for centuries.

Since I have returned home from the place where sharp objects are not allowed. The place I put myself when the darkness was too much to bear and people who love me heard my cry. I have seen a change. He was so excited when I first got home he almost peed himself. I had to just sit in the kitchen floor and hold him for several minutes for him to calm down. He insist on lying in the bed or couch when my brain lets me rest. He is finally ok with me leaving the house and the babys as well as his belly have gotten a reprieve.

Being smart is hard, being dumb is harder. I will take this journey with my broken dog because the horizon looks amazing and we both need a peaceful, happy home filled with trust.


Rcooley123's Blog

On January 11, 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his annual State of the Union Message to Congress. In the midst of World War II, he set forth plans for the coming year and preparations for life in the US following the war. He included both concrete proposals for immediate legislation and other more long-term changes to help the nation progress socially and economically in the future. Part of this speech reads as follows:

This Republic had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the protection of certain inalienable political rights—among them the right of free speech, free press, free worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. They were our rights to life and liberty.

As our Nation has grown in size and stature, however—as our industrial economy expanded—these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.

We have come…

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Periodic Shifts

Life is hard here is an example from my favorite musical:

It is important for us to remember life like problems are temporary. It is better to breathe and have another opportunity. Not for ourselves honestly there are days I total understand people giving up. If i were riddled with pain with no way to communicate I would choose to meet my maker.
I happen to know he is beyond reason. I learned many lessons flat of my back. Enough that I do not regret the 50 years of lefts that have led me here.
It is very empowering…

Instead of asking what makes us happy maybe what we need to ask is how can we be happy….I have trouble sleeping at night when I think of children and men and women and animals hurting…
This will help with that sleep thing:

See we have too much in common to lie in bed at night wondering our place in the world. Just look up puppets…if you ask he will answer.

Paradigm shifts are hard. Benevolence is hard. I serve a God that is aware of both of these.
I beg you tolerance for a moment…who here did not love MLK, Gandi, Mother Theresa, Lennon…the list goes on and on….
problem is most folks do not see the difference between altruism and benevolence….I am learning

Flat of my back drinking broth I am starting to see the difference here is what I have so far Ready….

Capitalism = for the good of me
Altruism = for the good of you
Benevolence = all should be ok including me

So I will leave you with this Ready…breathe it is ok.

Capitalism = benevolence-altruistic guilt= survival for the planet…………… is right it is all simple equations when you really stop to think.

Also I have learned islands are lonely and i need to ask for help so here i go:

You are loved beyond reason and powerful beyond comprehension. I challenge you to go save the world……………go on you can do it.

Advice from a wise woman

I got this on my FB and had to share…enjoy



So one of these is mine bc and one is my otc….which is which? Whatcha think……

sorry for randomness I am having trouble sleeping

Sleep alludes me…I am starting to think the spasms are generated from my brain….wish I could shut it off. Dog lovers please understand I have a blog that is supposed to be for random thoughts but I do not have the energy to put things in their proper place.
See when you do not sleep…you stay asleep. So most days I fog through and pick up what signals are the loudest. I have on more than one occasion asked folks to unfollow….unfriend…or just speak softer these days. Your loyality is amazing…thank you. Journeys are always easier with friends. But you should comment occasionally…my electronic universe seems a little pissed with me. Like high school when my petition for birth control got into the news paper…..see 16 year olds are not supposed to notice pregnancy rates or evil wrapped in administration. My poor mom the family joke is she had the district superintendence on speed dial…before the option existed. Some things never change….funny I though I would ……

Verified Facts coverage

Verified Facts coverage.