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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Baby love part 2

Rowdy is ridiculous. When he figured out our game of making him run from one side of the room to the other he started piling his babies up together and laying on them. New game begins. We have learned when he loves his babies, by the way I found a new monkey. So naturally that is the favorite. He will not let them go. You can pick him up and he will hang on for dear life. So when he does his mine game, we pick him up. He can only hold one baby at a time so as he is lifted into the air he is steady staring at the ones he left behind and looking at us back and forth until we put him down and he can lay on them once again. I also purchased a pink leather box to hold said babies, he quickly learned how to climb the box to retrieve them so he has a new game for me as well. I love this little guy so much, I hope I get a gig or two soon so I can get that surgery.


ode to Patsy Cline

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So I woke up this morning to my usual. Two small apple turds in the living room. You see we keep a dog gate to keep them out of the rest of the house but at night the living room is Sebastians domain. He is old and the carpet is older so we do not put him outside at night anymore. As I look into his beautiful brown and blue eyes a song comes into my head I know it sums up his feelings:

I go out poopin after midnight
Here in the living room its not really fair to me
Im always poopin in the house Im so sorryyyy
I surely didnt mean to do it
I walk and it just happens please dont be mean
I didnt feel the madness til it slipped ……right out of me
I go out poopin after midnight
Im always poopin in the house Im so sorryyyy
I never know when it will happen
The maddness is suprisin
Fallin right out of the end
What you need to know
What I could really use right now
Is someone who understands
So Im always poopin after midnight hope you’ll forgive me

It is ok baby boy we will all get there until then I will happily pick up your brown apples every morning until the good lord takes you to heaven.

New Baby

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So this is one of my happy places. It is called the Blue Hanger. This is where Goodwill goes to die. All things not sold end up here and it cost 1.35 a pound. Yesterday I went by to pick up some material for my porch ceiling..long story. Anyway I found a new baby for Rowdy it is a seahorse that sounds like a real horse. We have grown used to the random sounds that emit from his various babies but…..we live in the country and the occasional bull or horse does end up in our front yard without a master. This toy drives Joe crazy. At least 5 times last night Joe would jump when Rowdy hit the right spot and made it winnie. Joe was convinced we had a random horse in the front yard until he realized the culprit. I love my life…

The Tao of Duck

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So I did tell you about Rowdy’s babies. Well I kinda forgot Monkeyat Grannie Murphy’s house the last time we were down. So our fun/cruel (see previous post) game is over. Now Duck owns the spot of honor at our house for the Rowdy boy. I don’t know if I mentioned we live in the country. So we have a hela big yard. No worries it is fenced in but huge. The other day Rowdy took duck outside. This is a mistake, there are fence climbers in our neighborhood. Last year I ran outside in the middle of the night to see Trey trying to eat a 40 lb raccoon. Now the only problem here is IF she  jumped down from the fence on his side,the only meal that would have been consumed is puppy face.  The dogs do not stay outside at nigth for this very reason. So dont leave your baby duck outside dummy. BUT if I bring it in we will then play look mom walk to the back of the yard and get DUCK!! So as much as it pained me this weekend I did not take duck in. Please understand this December has been warm so all weekend we have been working outside. I walk past the innocence of Duck as he is lying in the grass knowing full well if the possum that lives under the house, the raccoon that walks the fence, the rats and snakes I am sure live here (no tangable evidence but get real they are here)  will not be his demise the mower comes out tomorrow….

This morning I walked into the living room and saw there sitting quietly in his corner Duck. Now I do not know if dad caved and brought it in or if Rowdy discovered his zen either way Duck is safe.