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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Happy puppy holiday haze

So as we all know life has a tendancy to get in the way. I am sorry I have not posted in so long. My beautiful sassy momma had a small stroke and other misc. No worries she is ok just cannot drive or be alone so Rowdy and I have made some road trips. I have heard it said that these sort of things have a way of putting life in perspective. I am blessed enough to not see a different path just one with some weeds on it. Back to my boy. With this turn of events I have not put much focus on fundraising or saving for my little guys surgery. I have however spoken to Dr Moorehead and he only needs a week notice to call the other doc. Our goal this christmas is to get his jaw fixed. I have already told everyone no gift for you…my kids are getting stockings and my extended family are exchanging “things we already own and love that someone else could use”. I truly feel like god is clearing the path for the puppy to get fixed. I did have to get another round of antibotic his mouth flared up again. You can tell because he stops eating and his breath is horrrible. Three days in to the new medicine and he is eating again. Last time I took him with me to moms they insisted he was fat. So when we got home I took him to Dr M’s office and weighed him… pound heavier. I think that is just middle age spread and I am not one to judge that. Lets end on a happy note shall we. So he has a baby that screeches when you squeeze it (thanks granny) and a duck that squeeks. Is it funny or cruel when Joe and I sit on opposite sides of the room and step on them just top watch him run back and forth…I think it is funny but then I have a pretty black sense of humor. Come on share a funny/cruel with me so I dont feel bad for laughing.