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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Rowdy’s Baby

ImageSo I went to see my mom last weekend.  Rowdy stayed in Austin. Mom has a very jealous little girl, she is a Pomeranian and will not allow another dog in the house. Rowdy has a disadvantage when it comes to defending himself and I didn’t want him to stay outside all weekend, so we decided he would be bettter off staying home. That did not stop mom from getting Rowdy a baby. Rowdy has recently adopted a  habit that drives me crazy. He has started biting. Now when I say biting  I really mean he is nubbing. He does not have any teeth to speak of so when he bites he actually is just sucking on whatever body part he can get to. Normally this seems to be my hand or wrist. I don’t allow him to do this so there is lots of of no, no. no. When I got back from Beaumont  with Rowdy’s baby he went nuts. He loves it. I have to confess. We are not toy people.  We have always had more than one dog so they normally play with each other. Now we have had occasional balls and Frisbees but never a doll. I never knew what true love was until I watched Rowdy with this doll. He occasionally will drop it but if Joe or I  move anywhere near it he loses his mind, until we give it back to him. He sleeps with it and even gets a little nervous when he cannot find it. It makes me happy to know that he loves his baby. AND I don’t have to be a bad guy because now the baby gets all the nubbin.


Grannies baby

Rowdy’s baby