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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Drum roll please

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So I am headed to the vet this week to drop off my first payment of…………….$900.00. I decided I do not want this money spread all over the world(paypal-saving account -checks stuck in drawers).  I spoke to Town and Country today and made arrangements to drop off the money this week.  I am going to give it to Dr Moorehead in a lay a way fashion. I will biweekly be giving him a check working towards the 1400.00.  I am overjoyed that so many of you have stepped up to help my little guy. Your generosity is overwhelming. Unfortunately our extra work has dried up a bit so we might not make our original goal of having the surgery done in August but we are not giving up.  Thank you so much, without your help we could not have imagined coming up with this money. He is such a sweet spirit I cannot wait to see how his quality of life will be improved once he gets this jaw issue taken care of.Image