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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Good Mornings

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Rowdy is a morning pup. With two masters that tend to work evenings… would think this is not a good fit but you would be wrong. He is very polite. I guess I should mention since he captured my heart he has shared our bed. He is so little, he fits. Kinda like the car, he just fits. So regardless of the time we get home he is ready to snuggle.  He patiently waits until one of us opens an eye, then….. ROWDY LOVE! This is accomplished by diving on their face and covering them with kisses then burrowing around their neck coming out the other side and giving even more kisses. He then quietens down and waits until the other opens their eyes and repeats the process. Joe and I used to not be the happiest campers in the morning but with that kind of welcome to the day how can you not smile.


Update on Dr

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So I contacted the Dr recommended by the rescue group. Unfortunately she was unable to help  understanding is she is only giving the 20 percent discount to the group as a whole not individuals who rescue.  One thing that did come out of the conversation is that our vet has quoted a fair price for the surgery. I really though he was but decided I needed to speak to another vet to feel better about the price. So we will continue with plan a.  We would like to have the surgery done by the end of August but my extra work clowning is not coming through these days. Summer is surprisingly slow for clowns and the heat issue is also an issue for me personally. I cannot take those outside parties anymore. August is still the target and we are up to 600.00.  I cannot thank those of you that have donated at this point enough. We really appreciate all the help and if we cant scrape up the rest of the money by August we will have to put it off for a little while until we can.But I cannot imagine not getting that jaw fixed,  he is such a happy puppy I am excited to see his quality of life improve once he has it. We are so blessed to have our ugly dog.


Add ons

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Hi all! It’s Kali here, and I thought I’d try and clear up the confusing new post.

So for anyone who doesn’t know, this is a Widget to our new chipin donation page for anyone with a blog or webpage that would like to share Rowdy’s story and help raise his surgery fund. If you don’t have a page but would like to share  the link, it’s: Again we’d like to thank all of you that have donated your money (and to all that have only been able to spread the word) you have helped so much already and the whole Carpenter clan is grateful for any time given to our cause. I promise I’ll bug mom to take tons of new pictures and update.

Until then

(Notice for anyone who would like to take advantage of the Widget: There are two spaces after the first bracket and before the last that must be removed before it will work properly)

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I have a question

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I need your advice. I love my vet. He is great and he has been great with Rowdy. The local dachshund rescue has offered to introduce us to a vet that works with them. I am desperate to get this surgery done so I am really wanting to contact their doctor. Here is the question, would it be a betrayal of sorts to use that Dr instead of my vet? I know my vet will charge 1400 for the surgery.Also the last surgery was supposed to be around 400 but we ended up paying almost 600 by the time it was over. I understand that when someone gives you an estimate that is exactly what it is and when dealing with organic issues it is hard to guess how long something will take. Which is how vet’s price operations. But I do have concerns that the 1400 might end up being closer to 2000. In our world this is a big difference. I really love Dr M he is a great Dr and very fair with us. I just wonder if I take Rowdy to this other Dr where we might get the surgery done cheaper is it cheating? I kinda feel guilty even considering contacting this other Dr. Is that silly? Dr M has done a lot of research and even has another Dr on call to come in and help with the surgery…What do you think?