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Sweeping Generalizations

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ImageOK I am officially apologizing for my previous post rant. My family is from East Texas. There are some in that part of Texas that have the “just a dog” attitude. Then there is my sister and mom and their friends. There is also a huge contingency that work for and love their animals and shelter animals. I did not mean to insinuate that the whole of East Texas is under the same umbrella. This blog was my sisters idea. She found a blog online where people could donate for a woman’s “boob job”. “If people can help pay for a boob job why cant they help this sweet puppy?” direct quote. So I don’t want you to think all southerns are non feeling-banjo playing assholes. We have enough bad press as it is..I just hope that we consider where our money goes and how it can help the quality of life of another being. By the way this is my sisters baby boy “Bruiser”


One Nation Under Dog

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We were scheduled to attend our friends BBQ yesterday at 4. You know that in between time when you have a scheduled event. Dressed, ready to go 45 minutes before you have to leave. Not enough time to accomplish anything, too much time for idle talk….you know when you turn on the TV. Well we have HBO, I know corporate Koolaid, but they have great programming and we have few addictions. We turned on a documentary called One Nation Under Dog

Wow this is a powerful film. I strongly recommend everyone in America see this film. No disrespect to other countries. They might have the same issues we do.The amount of animals killed here is staggering. My eyes were opened to the sheer numbers involvedin this issue. Did you know?

  • Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats). Shelter intakes are about evenly divided between those animals relinquished by owners and those picked up by animal control. These are national estimates; the percentage of euthanasia may vary from state to state.
  • According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), less than 2 percent of cats and only 15 to 20 percent of dogs are returned to their owners. Most of these were identified with tags, tattoos or microchips.
  • Twenty-five percent of dogs who enter local shelters are purebred. (Source: NCPPSP)
  • Only 10 percent of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered, while 78 percent of pet dogs and 88 percent of pet cats are spayed or neutered, according to the American Pet Products Association (Source: APPA).

    I have sent money to the Sarah McLachlan video and always get my animals from shelters, we also spay and nuter religiously but there has to be more we can do. I dont know what exactly but starting with sharing these stats has to help. Tugging your heart with a beautiful song and video is one thing but numbers don’t lie…

    I also have to rant a little. Someone I love from my home town suggested we just put Rowdy down, why would you spend so much money on a ugly dog? This person I love did not blink when she purchased ipads for all her grandchildren, new shoes that cost more than three months worth of food and medicine, and any shiny thing that catches her eye. I do not begrudge her love for her children or her beautiful home and new cars. I know how hard she and her husband work and they do deserve what they have. I would not put the life of an animal over the life of a human. I would not have an animal  that would hurt a child. But please do not belittle my choice to save a life. I know without a shadow of a doubt my toothless, broken puppy with a heart of gold would have been euthanize in this city with that attitude and it makes my heart break. I also realize why I do not live there.

Vacation 101-Getting to know you

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This has been a fabulous trip and I am so glad we took Rowdy with us. It has given us a chance to get to know him. At home he has to compete for attention with the other dogs and cat. Here he can be himself and it has been fun to watch. First of all he is a watch dog. Joe keeps giving me his internal monologue, it goes something like this “you people are so stupid can’t you see all the danger that is lurking around, you have to be diligent, pay attention, don’t lose focu…squirrel”  he is also quite spoiled and sneaky.  OK I take the blame for the spoiled stuff, but I figure the little guy deserves some spoiling. Now  for sneaky, I have been putting his medicine in his food for the last few weeks. Since we have been here he has not been eating. I was really getting worried then I noticed he was not only scoring people food from me but was suspiciously close any time Joe ate as well. So I decided no more you will eat your food. I put it in his bowl broke it up really well even put a little water in it in case he was having trouble eating it. I then took the bowl outside where Joe was sitting. Joe then called me outside to tell me when I put the bowl down and walked away Rowdy walked over sniffed it then took his paw and threw dirt in the bowl, turned around walked away and laid down. So he got no scraps today and he ate tonight. As I sit here under these beautiful trees with the sun setting over the water I realize bringing Rowdy home was not a fluke, he needed us but we also needed him. He adds a lot to our world.Image

Vacation 101-River Rat

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So we took our first official float today with the Rowdy boy. We found a perfect spot to set up right by the river and stayed for a few hours then took the golf cart to the end of the park and walked back. Rowdy floated the first time with me and Joe stayed behind in case I needed him to take Rowdy out of the water before the end of the trail. Rowdy was great. The only time he got anxious was when there was another dog on the shore and he needed to greet him. Of course I did not let him out of the float so he was a little pissed with me but got over it. We met the new neighbors, they have two dachshund dogs. One long haired like Rowdy and one short haired. At first they were not sure about allowing Rowdy to sniff around their dogs. We explained his issues and they were kinda ok with it then. The puppies were adorable but the situation makes me sad. These folks said they had never been dog people but decided to give it a try. Once they got they got the first dog they felt like he needed a friend so they “Flew” in the other dog from Arkansas. They were quick to tell us how the dogs were registered, etc. Both dogs while being cute are not socialized at all. I think they are arm candy for the prissy mom. It saddens me to meet people who treat their animals like accessories. I have a funny feeling in a few years when the dogs outgrow the cute stage they might be found at a shelter or rescue site. I have once in my life paid for an animal. Our husky Sebastian was a puppy of a friend’s dog and she used the money from the puppies to live. I cannot imagine spending what these people obviously spent on the pair of dogs they have. If they could only use that money to help an existing dog instead of supporting breeders or puppy mills life would make more sense to me.

Vacation 101-No Sleep for the Wicked

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In between river visits yesterday we had to go into town to get supplies. We took turns walking him around while the other one was in the store, then did a late night run to get tubes. Heads did not hit pillows until after eleven. We decided to put up our tent in front of the shelter for sleeping. We have an open top tent, so it feels like sleeping outdoors. Rowdy did fine at first, then he got bored. The only opening in the tent was the 1” x  1” in the zipper where the extension cord was. Did you know dogs with no bone in their nose can still maneuver a zipper? We did not until we heard the barking coming from the next camp and realized it was Rowdy. Scolded and returned to the tent we thought it was over. Almost asleep, I checked his bed one more time and DAMN he was gone again. I jumped up started looking all over the tent. I did not want to call out by now it was at least 2 or 3 in the morning. I softly called “Rowdy” he popped back in the tent through the opening he had made again. He was sleeping on the rug in front of the tent. Exhausted I gave up, tucked him in-between Joe and I one more time and fell asleep. This morning he was still in the bed with us. I think he felt sorry for me and decided to just stay.Image

Vacation 101

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We were not sure how Rowdy would be on vacation. We decided to take him because the vet gave us an all clear and he fits in the car.. He is so very happy. There are an abundance of critters to investigate, strangers to meet and water. About the water, not so much, he will only go in the water in our arms. He seems traumatized by the water. Yesterday we took him with us to the river and he wanted nothing to do with it.  He was happy watching from the shore. But remember this dog is now a Carpenter, no weenies allowed, excuse the pun. So we took him back after that first encounter, this time he allowed us to take him in with his nose tucked in our neck. Then slowly decided it was ok to sit on the rock in the middle of the river with us. It was very shallow and we were sitting in the water. I have not researched the breed to see if they don’t like water because their legs are an inch long and their bodies are huge in comparison or if he experienced a bad time near water. Either way I will bet a dollar he will love it before the week is out. Remember I am here with the dog whisperer.Image

Take me to the River

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Well we are off.  One of the things I told Joe when Rowdy came home with me was “and he fits in the car!”, our big dogs are difficult to travel with they kinda take up all the room. But Rowdy fits anywhere. So he is going on his first Carpenter vacation to the Rio Frio river. We got the ok from the vet first. He will have the repair on his mouth done when we get home. I am not sure if he likes the water but we will find out. We did get a mouth wash and an ear wash if he ends up liking to get in the water. I do know he loves to climb so Mt Baldie should be fun. I will get some photos to post.